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The current Government laid out plans within their election manifesto to double the number of self build and custom homes to 20,000 homes by 2020. However, in recent discussions with the National Custom & Self Build Association (NaCSBA), greater ambitions for this sector have been revealed.

NaCSBA have confirmed that, following discussions with Government, they are expecting the custom and self build sector to deliver around 30% of new homes by 2030. That would mean an average of 50,000-60,000 new homes built each year would be custom or self build projects which would bring the UK’s self build and custom sector closer to the average of 40% seen in many other developed economies.

“At Logic PM we’ve certainly seen a resurgence in the homebuilding sector, both from individuals wanting to build their dream home and developers looking to build on a larger scale. Construction is integral to the UK economy and the government should consider investing in training to address the skills shortage we face in this country if they wish to achieve their target of 20,000 self-build and custom homes by 2020 and beyond.” Nick Baster, Director, Logic PM

Working with an experienced project manager is key to getting your self-build or custom home built on time, within budget and to your satisfaction. Contact Logic PM today to find out more about how we can help. Call 01622 535505 or email to book a free consultation at our Kent office.

According to an article published by website, output for all construction work will grow by 3.6% next year and 4.3% in 2017. The article, which references the latest construction forecasts by Experian, claims that construction output in the UK will reach £142bn in 2017.

In their recently released autumn update, Experian predicted that total output for the construction sector was expected to exceed £140bn in 2017 (up from £131bn in 2015).

Private commercial construction and private housing are forecast to experience the fastest growth with 7% and 5% growth predictions respectively. Infrastructure, which has experienced rapid growth of 25% this year, is expected to slow next year and public housing is expected to fall by around 10% in 2016.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us about your project, click here to contact us.

We have created a short whiteboard video to explain the role of a project manager and the direct benefits of employing a PM for your construction project. A chartered project manager can:

  • manage your project budget effectively

  • create efficiencies in your project timescale

  • ensure that your project meets the required objectives

For further information about working with a project manager on your upcoming construction project, contact us today on 01622 535505 or email to arrange a free 30 minute consultation.

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