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Logic PM was appointed by a development finance provider for the Independent Monitoring Surveyor role on the proposed high-end development of 4 Houses on Land Adjacent to Handpost Farm, Bracknell. Our duties under this role were to protect the Funder’s interests from risks in a project that was not under their direct control.

At the outset of the project, Logic PM undertook an initial report taking into consideration a number of considerations required by the Funder to assess whether the project was viable in terms of financial return on investment and buildability.

From there, we acted as an independent advisor to the Bank with the main purpose being to protect their interests as the development proceeded.

Regular monthly reports were relayed back to the Client throughout the project lifecycle as well as attendance of monthly site meetings and quality audits. The costs and project program were also being monitored to ensure the project was kept within budget and completed on expected the timeline in comparison to the initial funding agreement. This invaluable service gives peace of mind to funders or remote developers alike.

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