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The Logic Group (Logic PM Limited) is a RICS accredited, independent Expert Witness or Party Representative service. Our focus is providing the right commercial advice for you and your project.

Working from our London Office we are a nationwide consultancy offering a range of dispute resolution services, which include:

  • Expert Witness 

  • Party Representative 

  • Project Advocate 

ADR Previou Projects

Expert Witness 

Our Expert Witness services offer impartial (CPR35 compliant) and authoritative support for dispute resolution. With extensive experience and expertise, our team provides thorough analysis, professional testimony, and comprehensive reports to assist in resolving legal conflicts efficiently. We deliver meticulous assessments, drawing on our industry knowledge and adherence to legal standards, ensuring our clients receive credible and reliable support throughout the dispute resolution process.

Party Representative 

Our Party Representative services offer expert guidance and representation to Clients involved in disputes. With our team of specialists, we ensure your interests are protected and advocated throughout the resolution process. From initial consultations to negotiations and hearings, we provide comprehensive support to achieve favourable outcomes and resolve conflicts efficiently and effectively.

Project Advocate 

Our Project Advocate services provide dedicated support for clients navigating complex disputes. Our experienced advocates offer strategic guidance and representation throughout the dispute resolution process, ensuring your interests are safeguarded and objectives are achieved. From initial consultations to negotiations and courtroom representation, we are committed to delivering effective solutions tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

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