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Why use a D&B Contractor?

Design and build (D&B) is a procurement route in which a single contractor is appointed to design and construct a project for an agreed price. We've picked out some of the key advantages of this route and reasons why you might wish to consider appointing a D&B contractor for your next project.


  • Single point of responsibility

  • In-house design team

  • More control over cost

  • Reduced construction time

Single-Point of Responsibility:

Having a single point of responsibility makes things simpler. You, as the client, have a cohesive contractor and design team working as one. You can engage with the entire team at the start of the project to develop practical solutions to design problems, ensuring no compromises need to be made at a later stage.

Logic CP Limited offer a single point of responsibility to our clients. We manage and take full responsibility of your project and provide a dedicated project manager to oversee the contract at all times.

In-House Design Team:

Our in-house design team produces 2D and 3D drawings to visualise your project. The design team work with the construction team throughout the project to create the finished product you want.

More Control Over Cost:

Having a single contractor responsible for both the design element and build stage can have cost-advantages. So long as the design element of a project remains unchanged, you can be reasonably sure that the cost of construction will also remain unchanged.

Our cost plans are concise and clear, so you are aware of what you are paying for. Our rolling final accounts mean there are no surprises at the end of the scheme.

Reduced Construction Time:

Working with a D&B contractor reduces the overlap of design and construction, thereby reducing the overall project delivery time.

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